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      Shenzhen Meze Power Supply Technique Co.,Ltd
      Add:Floor9,Building3,Jincheng Park,Dalang street,Longhua,Baoan District,Shenzhen of China
      About us
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      Meze  company was founded in 1999, so far, has developed into a comprehensive power supply enterprise, products include: UPS uninterruptible power supply, microcomputer non-contact electronic ac regulated power supply, EPS emergency power supply, etc . Main range: the financial, government, research institutes, transportation, aerospace, electronics, medical, services, etc. To meet the global electronic and communication industry for power equipment is increasingly vigorous market demand,Due to the need of development, shenzhen Meze power technology co., LTD was established in 2008 (Specialize in UPS power frequency, regulated power supply, and transformer) In the same year registered Meze electronics co., LTD. (Terminal blocks,  all accessories of PCB), In 2011, registered  shenzhen Meze mechanical and electrical co., LTD.( SMT placement machine and accessories ).
       existing number of employees: 180-180 employees, Using area: 3000 square meters, Company has the high technology and rich experience ,Products from well-known international brands of Europe, is committed to providing customers with the full range of high quality high performance high stable power supply protection.Using the international advanced intelligent digital UPS power supply technology, and the most advanced precision purification.Provide the most advanced, cutting-edge, the most reliable, the top power solutions..
      Meze provide standard and custom power solutions to meet the most widely used, the installation and operating conditions. Technical consulting service: Provide regular technical advice and guidance services, and provide support for the system designer and integrator. To provide customers with reliable and competitive technical support and after-sales service.
      ◎Specific services include
      1:Pre-sale service: Based on customer's load, power distribution, using environment do professional evaluation, To make the most suitable solution according to customer's requirements.
      2:Specialized call center: Directly connected to the service center, Center staff can provide customers with  UPS installation, maintenance, fault query, maintenance advice and help at any time.
      3:On-site maintenance: For the inconvenient transportation and Too much power of UPS,Meze  Provide on-site maintenance services 
      4:The warranty contract: (Three years warranty) The warranty contract reduce the risk of the user and maintenance costs, Contract scope includes periodic inspection and full service, including labor and materials,and customors can extend the warranty contract, can obtain the same service
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