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      Shenzhen Meze Power Supply Technique Co.,Ltd
      Add:Floor9,Building3,Jincheng Park,Dalang street,Longhua,Baoan District,Shenzhen of China
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      • 日期: 2016-08-20
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      electric energy exhibition will be held in November 2016 ,Thank you very much for all the customers and peers for a long time to MEZE company's strong support and trust! Our company will attend the exhibition ,As a powerful UPS energy manufacturers we will show our newest products and offer the most competitive price,
      our booth information as below:
      Electric Power Myanmar
      Company:Shen zhen MEZE power supply techique Co,Ltd
      Time: from 3rd to 5th,  November,2016
      Booth No.407
      Hope that through this opportunity and your company to discuss and communication, so that we can further cooperation. To explore and occupy the market. We sincerely invite you to attend. A great deal to us.
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