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      MEZE ups power supply was introduced simply the high frequency ups power supply, due to the room started with surrounding and MEZE itself do so MEZE high-frequency machine for the application of the computer hardware rate is very high, although there are also advanced MEZEi power frequency machine manufacturing pre-release, but due to its fuselage is external isolation transformer, the technical level is not fully get the user's favor.

      So what is the difference between high frequency and power frequency machine, we invited a MEZE technical director, director of Sue made an explanation:

      1, MEZE high-frequency machine: using high frequency switch technology, replace rectifier and inverter with high frequency switching element in the UPS power frequency transformer, commonly known as the high frequency machine, small size, high efficiency, high frequency machine.

      2, MEZE power frequency machine: adopt as a rectifier and inverter power frequency transformer parts of UPS, commonly known as power frequency machine main characteristic is the main power component is stable and reliable, load capacity and impact resistant ability.

      Second, the main difference

      1, high frequency machine without isolation transformer, the output high frequency current zero, mainly from the utility grid harmonic interference, UPS rectifier and the inverter in high frequency pulse current, load harmonic interference and so on, not only the interference voltage value is high and difficult to eliminate. And the output of the power frequency machine zero voltage is lower, and there is no high frequency component, for computer network communications security, even more important.

      2, high frequency machine output transformer isolation, if short circuit happens inverter power device, the DC BUS (DC BUS) on a high DC voltage directly added to the load, this is a potential safety hazard, while the power frequency machine does not exist the problem.

      3, power frequency machine with a strong ability to resist impact load.

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