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      Configuration 1: using a single UPS to protect a single computer in this configuration, each computer by their own protection, UPS UPS through serial cable or USB cable to communicate with the computer. UPS software are installed on the computer for a long time when the power is a computer can automatically shutdown sequence. In this configuration, UPS by connected to the computer management. This is the simplest configuration scheme, which are widely used in the server and the workstation deployment.
      Configuration 2: using a single UPS protection two to three computers in this configuration, multiple computers with a larger UPS (usually 1500 va or higher power rating). Among them, a computer is directly connected to the serial port of UPS, the other two are connected to the UPS installation on the extension of the card, the expansion card provides two serial ports. In this configuration, three computer all have the ability to sequence shutdown and but UPS is directly connected with the management of the computer. Please note that the USB standard support only communicate with a single system, so the configuration is not able to use the USB connection. Daisy chain can be used to expand the scheme to protect the 24 computer, however, because of need more cables, do not recommend using this method.
      Configuration 3: using a single UPS protection three or more computer is an increasingly popular way through Ethernet management UPS directly. UPS has a network card installed on, so don't need to carry on the management server. In this configuration, due to its own built-in UPS the function of management, therefore, the computer software installed on only contains the shutdown function.
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