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      Everyone know to buy mobile phones, mobile phone battery charge for the first time will be filled with plenty, UPS battery, too, for the first time use must be enough electricity, so you buy shenzhen meze UPS would live longer.


      New purchase of UPS power supply, UPS power supply to insert the 220 v mains power grid, charging at least 12 hours, to ensure that the battery fully. Otherwise, the actual available capacity of the battery will be much less than nominal capacity of storage battery. If the UPS power supply don't have to for a long time. Every 2 ~ 3 months should be switched on 24 hours, let it charging fully, and let the UPS power inverter work conditions of 2 ~ 3 minutes, to ensure the normal life of the battery. Once connected to the utility, the UPS power supply to the battery charging, continue to press the power button above 1 seconds to boot, or open the inverter.


      UPS maintenance cost is higher, so, maintain good UPS power supply, which can ensure the security of your power, also can save a lot cost for you.

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