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      1. UPS power supply connection (1) the distribution box of UPS used by unfavorable choose old-fashioned breaker switch, because in this kind of switch on or cut off the power to pull arc phenomenon, can produce interference to the grid. In addition, do not use fuse fuse, because its flow response speed slow, when the load or short-circuit UPS is not cut off the power supply in time, which will do harm to the equipment. So should use air switch, the switch has not only arc suppression and load short circuit when the function of fast response, and the leakage protection and overheat protection function. Choose should be moderate (2) the capacity of air switch, switch capacity will cause in the over-current or load less than at the time of the short circuit protection, starts to often interrupt the mains. (3) mains voltage range should accord with the requirement of UPS input voltage range. Currently sold most UPS have anti-interference, automatic voltage stabilizing function, generally there is no need to plus anti-interference ac voltage stabilizer. Such as mains voltage fluctuation is bigger, should be in before UPS level increase other protective measures, such as the voltage regulator, etc.), ac voltage stabilizer can be used as the input level of UPS. (4) the use of UPS, be sure to comply with the relevant provisions of the manufacturer in the product manual, guarantee the phase line, zero line and earthed in accordance with requirements, the user may not arbitrarily change the order of each other. (5) external to the distance of the UPS battery should be short, the cross section area of conductor should be as far as possible big, in order to increase the amount of conductive and reduce the power loss on a line. Especially in high current work, the wastage of the circuit is not to be ignored. 2. UPS of lightning protection grounding Lightning is, the enemy of all electrical appliances must pay attention to ensure effective shielding and grounding protection of UPS. To prevent parasitic capacitance coupling interference and protection equipments and personal safety, UPS must be grounding and grounding resistance is not greater than 1 ohm. 3. The working environment of UPS UPS host requirements to the ambient temperature is not high, when you are working environment temperature requirement of 0 ℃, 40 ℃, humidity is 10% - 90%. UPS should avoid direct sunlight, when placed with sufficient ventilation and space. UPS working environment should be kept clean, avoid harmful dust on the corrosion of the components in UPS, otherwise the dust and moisture will cause the host don't work properly. Battery requirements for temperature is higher, the standard temperature is 25 ℃, at ordinary times can't beyond the scope of 30 ℃ to 15 ℃ - +.
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