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      • 日期: 2016-07-12
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      In enterprise management, how to do it to save money worry? Foreign enterprises have: instrument can rent not buy. In fact, from the 60 s of this century, European and American developed countries such as equipment leasing has accounted for about 30% market share, the whole equipment market and domestic accounts for only 1%. With the improvement of enterprise management level, experts predict, domestic load box rental market will be rapid growth, with international fashion trends. Beijing communication load test mail tunnels company can provide the whole testing services, to provide project consulting, formulate complete solution and load ark operation training services. Also provide a service of the lease, seconded experienced engineers at the scene, quickly from the load transportation, installation, testing, to data processing without user, the final test report issued by authority. And support the lease purchase business, users in the process of the lease, such as hope permanent using load, may at any time to buy the equipment on favorable price. Rental and purchase customers in the technical consultation, enjoy the same quality of service parts supply, etc. Today, Beijing test mail tunnels successively for wuhan construction bank, China mobile, jiangsu telecom, construction bank, icbc Beijing, Beijing hospitals, data center, generating set manufacturers provide load testing services that rent, lease by high quality load testing and meticulous pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, protect user electricity safety. Market increasingly competitive, companies are tightening monetary policy in order to avoid investment risk, through the lease to get what you need testing equipment, faster, more convenient, not only the important thing is to save money for the company, choose to lease load box there are many advantages of: 1, can the rent payment of operating expenses, reducing the profits tax. 2, monthly payment is lower than the original equipment purchasing cost. 3, accelerate cash flow, reduce the total cost, and reduce the investment in fixed assets. 4, test equipment leasing as expenses and do not reflect on the balance sheet, can improve enterprise's assets net profit margin. 5, equipment finance is equal to the service life of the life, when the equipment return rental fee produce immediate termination of 6, reduce the idle assets, reduce the calibration measurement equipment such as maintenance costs. 7, in ensuring the quality of the testing equipment, reliable technology, technical or no long-term demand delay before buy 8, product technology updates, the risks of product upgrades, etc can be fully passed on to our company.
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