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      • 日期: 2016-07-11
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      UPS originally is the guarantee of a widely used power supply equipment, and in recent years has been converted into in order to protect all kinds of computer system as the main purpose of equipment, UPS is playing an increasingly important role in the IT industry, has been regarded as the patron saint of the computer information. After the world into the information age, information security has been widely attention, therefore, in this kind of time background, the development trend of UPS has drawn great attention of the industry is a natural thing.Had the care of UPS, computer system data security is greatly raised, therefore, was favored by the majority of users of UPS, as of UPS just a generator with large flywheel, its disadvantage is that conversion efficiency is extremely low, later replaced by type diesel engine generator.At present, this kind of rotary type power UPS in some special field has its specific USES, its capacity of 1000 kva.
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