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      No electricity power supply device according to the size can be divided into:Small no electricity power: 1000 va and below;2 ~ 15 kva; medium no electricity power supply:Large no electricity power supply: 20 kva and above.Small don't power outages power input voltage of ac single-phase 220 v, can be used in a microcomputer (single power for 200 ~ 300 w) and precision electronic equipment supporting the use of standby power.Medium no electricity power, input voltage generally when ac single-phase 220 v, also have some of the manufacturers of 10 ~ 15 kva power outage for 3 phase power input voltage 380 v.This series of products are widely used in computer systems, air management systems, satellite systems, precision instruments, scientific research, hospitals, Banks, insurance, etc. In the system.Large blackouts not power input voltage of three-phase 220/380 v, this series of products for the computer system, satellite communication system, network management system, precision instruments and meters, high sensitive electrical equipment to provide continuous, stable and reliable, clean ac power supply.No electricity power supply according to their way of working can be divided into:Back-up type, and online interactive on-line.On-line interactive UPS is somewhere between a backup UPS and UPS equipment between on-line UPS works, it focus on the backup type high efficiency and on-line UPS UPS power supply the advantage of high quality.On-line interactive UPS inverter has been in a working state, has the two-way function: when the mains is normal, UPS inverter is reverse working status, recharge batteries, chargers role;Immediately, when the mains abnormal inverter into the inverter working state, the battery dc into ac sine wave output.On-line interactive UPS also has the conversion time, but shorter than UPS backup type, strong protection function.In addition, it adopted the ferromagnetic harmonic transformer, tap in the mains power supply voltage regulator has good voltage regulation function.
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